How can you ensure a healthier takeout?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Here at The Nutrition Clinic, we alway encourage clients to cook at home wherever they can. But there are days when it’s not possible. You may still be waiting for your Redmart order to arrive for tomorrow's meal or simply had a day that was just too busy. Read on to see how you can make ordering take out healthier.

For Thai food: 

  • Summer rolls (Chicken, veggies or shrimp)–– these summer rolls are a great option. Just make sure they are steamed, not fried! 

  • Thai-style vegetables–– just watch the sauce. If you can, try asking for less sauce and more ginger, garlic, lime. These ingredients are great for immunity! 

  • Curry dishes (usually made with coconut milk)–– hold the rice and opt for veggies instead, especially if you are going low carb. 

For Chinese food:

  • Steamed vegetables and fish/chicken–– this option saves you from a lot of the sauces that are added to other dishes on the menu.

For Japanese food: 

  • Edamame–– it's full of protein and fibe! This makes a great snack, as long as you can tolerate soy. 

  • Miso soup–– this is great for digestion! 

  • Sashimi–– a great way to satisfy your sushi cravings without the carbs, this is perfect for anyone looking to cut down carb intake. We keep our own gluten-free tamari at home. Also, the soya sauce that comes with sushi is usually not great (ingredients wise)

For Mexican food:

  • Mexican bowl–– half the rice portion, and get extra guacamole/veggies instead. 

  • Corn tortillas or a good choice as they are gluten free. You can choose to order extra guacamole and coriander as well!