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The Perimenopause Blueprint

Discover the step-by-step blueprint to predictably boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and finally feel great again!

If you’re a woman in perimenopause…what's worked for you before
simply isn’t going to work anymore.

❌ A starvation diet isn’t going to help.

❌ Exercising more will only make you MORE tired.

❌ Fasting more will only slow down your metabolism further.

❌ That magic pill or supplement isn’t going to fix all your problems either.

Are you tired of constantly feeling tired, dealing with brain fog, seeing the bloating go up by the day, and just not recognizing the woman you see in the mirror? 
First, let's look at some facts

What you need is a proven process, that’s been successfully done with 3500+ people to decrease 85% of their symptoms AND creating actual lasting change. 

This is exactly why I created

The Perimenopause Blueprint

The Perimenopause Blueprint is a LIVE online experience for women in perimenopause who want more energy, fewer cravings, deep sleep, less bloating and a metabolism that doesn't feel stuck!  


I know this phase of your life can feel lonely and like no one truly understands. Countless appointments with experts who don't listen or just brush things off, and hours spent scrolling for information that leaves you more confused and exhausted.

Just imagine a life filled with more…


Design your midlife the way you want. If you don't feel great, nothing else matters. So, whether you dream of starting your own business, pursuing a new interest, traveling more, or training for that marathon, health gives you the freedom.


How much time do you spend searching for the latest solution? Addressing things inside out means that a few targeted changes deliver a snowballing of results.


Get a handle on your cravings, anxiety and sleep.  Let's be honest, it is very difficult to be happy when you are deeply exhausted, bloated and achy. 

Let me guess


You are a busy woman! You have worked so hard to build the life you wanted. You should feel like you are on top of the world. 




You are feeling stuck. Something just feels off.


So WHY aren't you feeling amazing?

In your 40s (and some of this can even start in your mid to late 30s) hormones change so profoundly that everything shifts. Think of it as the body’s operating system getting an overhaul. Your nervous system becomes more involved, explaining the overwhelm, irritability, cravings, poor sleep and sluggish metabolism. Your digestion changes and you might find yourself more bloated than before.

It's also a time in your life where life demands are massive– no wonder you feel crushed.

Imagine this…

Waking up with energy after a good night’s rest.

Spending the day feeling focused and sharp while eating in a way that feels really good.

Never feeling hungry or deprived of delicious food.

Having access to an expert in functional medicine and nutrition guiding you through this process – providing information, tracking your progress, and answering your questions.

Having access to a community of women going through exactly what you are. You can interact as much or as little as you wish. But you know they are there. Hearing their experiences makes you feel less alone.

The Perimenopause Blueprint teaches a step-by-step system to resolve your symptoms and feel great again!

Here’s the thing

If you dont address what is happening in your body on a root level, you won't get the results you want.

No, a supplement will not resolve your symptoms. No, you don't need to “go on a detox” for lasting results. No, you don't need to fast more, go on a keto diet or go vegan. A restrictive diet could be the worst decision you make. 




Leaving this review as we all deserve to live like the best version of ourselves. Especially for women managing work, kids, hormones, husbands and what not for heaven sake..! We should take help when we are off track and when we are not feeling the best. For the past few years, along with some cramps and aches...I felt I was slowing down. Brain was foggy...exhausted by evenings, it was like the life energy was slowly diminishing and I just existed for the sake of it. Procrastinating was a norm. Low energy and exhaustion was a routine.A failed attempt to fix it: Tried to google for supplements & Multivits, bought the best of them and started taking. Nothing much changed and I definitely wasted a lot of time experimenting. UNTIL I MET POOJA ONE DAY. Felt the difference from day 3. A month plus now...It's like I am back to life and living again. Waking up when I want to without feeling drained. Sharp at work. Present with family and kids. I dont think I have enough words to express how great and grateful I feel.

Thanks to the nutrition clinic, I've been able to identify and address my bloating issue, which has significantly improved over time. Their top-notch service and Pooja's insightful guidance have played a crucial role in helping me better understand and manage my gut health. I'm grateful for their support and expertise throughout this journey.

​Pooja has helped me so much and changed my life so much - from the first session till the last! I have had gut issues all my life and within 1 month of her help, the issues slowly went away (with consistency and follow through of course!) She also helped me through my gut issues in a very relaxed way. I never needed to stick to a strict diet or meal plan. The recipe book TNC provides also gives many ideas for tasty yet healthy meal plans. Pooja also recommends places to shop at to make healthy meals at home. My daily energy, weight, bloating, health and mood have improved so much. Thank you Pooja & the TNC team! :)

How does The Perimenopause Blueprint Work? 

This is the ultimate roadmap to thriving through perimenopause.

The world of nutrition is noisy. That's why getting the right info, in a way that's easy to soak in, is like gold. Welcome to our 6-week program, where you get...

Step-by-Step Training.  This isn't a course with videos you might forget about. No, I'll be there with you on zoom every week, live and in action, showing you exactly what to do. And if life gets in the way, no worries—you'll get the recordings.

Powerful changes to your food and lifestyle. Experience an instant shift to feeling great with practical adjustments to your food and lifestyle. 

Done for You Food Plans and Eating Out Guide. Say goodbye to meal-planning stress. We've got your back with meal plans and a guide for those times you're dining out.

Have questions? Get answers. No more uncertainty—let's get you the clarity you need.

Weekly Monitoring of Your Progress.  Track that transformation! We're in this journey together, celebrating your wins and fine-tuning as needed.


PLUS... You're not just getting a program; you're tapping into the 15 years of expertise of a functional medicine practitioner. I've worked with 3500+ clients, reducing their symptoms by a significant 85%, with lasting results.

Ready  to tackle perimenopause head-on? Let's start this journey! 🚀💪


Eat to Crush Cravings

Master the strategic approach to eating that puts an end to those nagging cravings. No more surrendering to the snack attack! This is the first step to addressing that stuck metabolism. And yes, we have some special tips and ideas for how to navigate the end of year party season. 

Bloat-Busting Digestion Mastery

Dive into effective strategies for optimizing digestion and bid farewell to the discomfort of bloating once and for all.

Sleep Optimization Strategies

Uncover powerful techniques to revamp your sleep routine, ensuring restful nights and energized mornings.

Perimenopausal Symptom Solutions

Explore the world of specific foods and nutrients that act as warriors against common perimenopausal issues— hot flashes, irritability, and those 3AM sleep disturbances.

Caffeine-Free Energy Techniques

Wave goodbye to relying on caffeine for an energy boost. Learn how to fuel your day with natural vitality that lasts.

Metabolism Repair

Discover what to do to shift the needle on that metabolism that feels stubborn and unresponsive. Understand what hormones are involved as well as what to eat and when to eat. We will also run a special end of year metabolism reset as part of the 6 week program

Hi I'am Pooja

I'm  thrilled that you've found us. You might feel like many of our clients – you strive to eat well, hit the gym, and yet something isn't clicking. You long for an effective plan that fits into your busy life without draining your energy. You feel confused, overwhelmed — and stuck.  When did your body decide to stop cooperating, right? Believe me, I can relate. At the age of 35, I was told that I wouldn't be able to conceive. My hormones were a mess. Rather than let that defeat me, I took charge. I quit my job and immersed myself in learning everything I could about how food and nutrients impact hormones. Long story short: It worked!  Today, as I go through peri-menopause, I am reworking my own food and lifestyle blueprint and once again digging deep into the science of hormones.

I have worked with over 3500 clients over the last decade. Many of them come to me with symptoms that probably sound familiar to you. Some are grappling with deep exhaustion, while others are dealing with bloating and changes in their skin. Many express concerns about anxiety and irritability. 

The unique process I have developed addresses common imbalances happening at  the root level. By understanding these shifts and using targeted food and lifestyle strategies, it becomes easy to create a clear and structured plan — that works. I want you to know that you're not alone. Together, we'll find the answers you seek, and I'm here to listen and help you navigate the path to your vibrant, balanced self.

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