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Your body doesn't lie. We'll help you get to its best.

We are passionate about letting you experience what it feels like to spring out of bed, have motivation to exercise, to travel and live a life filled with experiences supported by your body.

When you feel fantastic there is no end to what you can achieve. 

We're equipped with a toolbox of science-backed techniques to help you shift your habits and get you results. 

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BSC (HONS), Microbiology

DR Kalish Functional Medicine Mentorship

Certificate of Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine-

University of Bridgeport

AFMCP by The Institute of Functional Medicine

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Pooja's Story

Clinic Director and Co-Founder, The Nutrition Clinic
Functional Medicine Nutritionist

“Good health shouldn’t be about choosing sides.”


20 years ago, when my father was ill, it seemed most natural health experts were anti-mainstream medicine. Doctors and natural healers couldn’t agree on how best to tackle serious illness, and even with my background in science, I felt helpless.


That was however, until we found Johns Hopkins Hospital, a progressive US institution that combined a range of disciplines to help shape what we now know as ‘integrative medicine’.
My father’s experience was the starting point of my desire to take control of my own health. This desire was amplified when, two years after he died, I heard that conceiving would be difficult. Again it seemed decisions were being made for me, which I was helpless to control.
That was when I decided to take back control of my own health. My question was simple: What if we could look at our genes, our environment and our lifestyle choices, and use that to guide us towards good health? I quit my job and began studying nutrition, which led me to Foresight, a UK organisation researching nutrition and fertility. Inspired by their findings,  I started to ‘experiment’ on someone very close to me – myself! What might be known these days as ‘biohacking’.
The result? I felt incredible. Many symptoms I had simply grown used to over the years were changing. The low energy and immunity, poor digestion and sleeping patterns that had all become part of my life, were changing for the better.
By the time my daughter arrived, I was fully immersed in what is known as Functional Medicine. The science behind everything I had experienced and researched had become my life. And now, with The Nutrition Clinic, I am helping others to make it theirs. One client at a time.


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Certificate of Nutrition Science by BSY 

FMCA by The Institute of Functional Medicine

Tiny Habits Certified

On-going: Currently studying Food As Medicine


Bonnie's Story

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Tiny Habits Certified

"It’s my job to support you as you make positive changes to your daily life." ​


You can think of me as your guide, problem-solving partner, and cheerleader. Together, we’ll talk about how to get started, and which small changes can work for you. Over time, we’ll talk about which changes are working for you (and which aren’t!), and make adjustments as needed, so you stay on track and reach your goals.


This individualised approach looks different for everyone. Maybe you don’t love to cook (or maybe you do). Maybe you go to the gym 6 days a week (or maybe that sounds awful!). In our conversations, I’ll listen for what’s doable, and give you the ideas, tools, information, resources, and support you need, when you need it.


I specialise in wellness rituals (think: what are the things you do first thing in the morning to begin your day feeling how you want to feel?) and adapting lifestyle and nutrition changes to work for any cultural tradition.


From there, it really is all about progress, not perfection. We’ll be with you, every step of the way. 


Working With You To Improve Your Health...


Weight loss | Weight gain 

Gut imbalances | Digestive disorders | IBS 

Managing high cholesterol

Managing blood sugar

Metabolic syndrome 

Improving energy | Reducing fatigue

Adrenal fatigue | Sleep | Stress 


Discovering if you have food sensitivities

Identifying nutritional deficiencies

Eating to manage mood and anxiety

Family health and wellness


Increasing your immunity

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