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Discover how to balance your hormones to jumpstart your metabolism

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Your Body Is Changing. What Worked Before, Doesn't Work Anymore.

Confused about what to eat (every diet makes you gain more weight), and feel hot, irritated, and moody? 

Stronga will put you back in control of your hormones using the power of food, biological markers, and targeted lifestyle interventions. 

"Women need to know how they're wired"

Over the years, you've learnt to decode the language of your hormones. Now in your 40s, you've suddenly hit a wall. 

It's not you, it's your hormones. It's time to reclaim your natural rhythm and immerse yourself in a first-of-its-kind wellness programme for women who weren't born yesterday.


What Stronga+ can do for you:

  • Improve mood 

  • Improve sleep 

  • Shift stubborn weight 

  • Reduce bloating

  • Clears up your skin 

  • Help you manage stress better 

  • Balance hormones 

  • Reduce hot flashes 

  • Reduce brain fog

Why we created Stronga

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A female's health journey is really important to me. 15 years ago, my medical file landed on top of the IVF pile. At that moment, I (finally) listened to a voice inside that asked,  

"Is this the only way forward?"

That was when I decided to take back control of my own health. My question was simple: What if we could look at our genes, our environment and our lifestyle choices, and use that to guide us towards good health?

What I've seen at The Nutrition Clinic, is that women in their 40s are feeling frustrated- these are smart, successful women who have full lives, many have tried extreme diets to try to solve the problem but nothing works long term.

Many of them think that they are too young to even think about peri menopause. 

Stronga analyzes personalized biomarkers along with nutritional science to break the cycle of frustration that women experience when they are stuck in a revolving door of symptoms.

Stronga Why

The Stronga+ Method

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 Metabolic reset

Targeted food and lifestyle changes



Using the Oura Ring and Withing's scale, we use lifestyle data to tweak habits 

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Data & Insight 

Tracking of symptoms and progress

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Give yourself
3 weeks

  • Turn on your metabolism switch into a fat-burning and keep it that way

  • Understand your body's stress and sleep responses

  • Reduce gut inflammation 

  • Support detoxification of hormones

  • Balance blood sugar levels

 - plus maintenance so you can start rebuilding what your new baseline looks like long term

Join Stronga as a Founding Member

In 3 weeks, you can reset your metabolism, get leaner, increase your energy, and feel more confident than ever before.



*Focus on Food only.



*Focus on Food, Stress and Sleep. 
* Oura Ring and Withings Scale yours to keep.


Choose your Stronga programme

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Take charge of your health

Founding Members Price limited to first 100 sign ups.

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Not your mother's (peri) menopause

 Stronga+ is designed for women who don't have time for fads and guesswork. 

Using your biomarkers, Stronga+  blends both data and human insight to offer an unparalleled opportunity in true wellness, function optimisation, and healing.

Dramatic Sunset

Every year, over 250,000 women in Singapore are navigating through menopause transition.

Although the experience is universal,  menopause and perimenopause is still stigmatized. 

Let's change that.

Join our community. Let's get Stronga.

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Meet your experts and care team

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Pooja Vig

Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Co-Founder. 


Bonnie Rogers

Head Coach and Lifestyle Editor 



Programme Care Manager  

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