Collagen is the "glue" to your body. It is a special type of protein that accounts for as much as 30% of the body’s total protein. In particular, it’s a primary structural component of connective tissue. The amino acid composition of dietary collagens are very similar to those in human collagens, making dietary collagen peptides ideal for supporting normal body collagen turnover and renewal.


Complete Collagen contains three types of peptides - FORTIGEL*, VERISOL* and FORTIBONE*. At the clinic we use it for clients to boost collagen production to help heal digestive issues, joint pain, support muscle growth and as an added bonus plump up ageing skin. Other benefits include: 


  • Protecting your joints
  • Growing strong healthy nails and hair
  • Reversing wrinkles and plumping dry skin
  • Protecting your digestive system and gut lining 



*All of the premium collagen peptides in Complete Collagen are patented and have been selected for the specific benefits they promote. 

Complete Collagen

  • Complete Collagen contains a unique blend of three patented collagen peptides supported by clinical research showing their efficacy for:

    • supporting collagen production,
    • bone strength,
    • joint health and integrity,
    • skin elasticity and more.**

    Our collagen consists of three unique peptides -- each working to repair the skin, joints and digestion.

    Molecular weights are an important determinant of efficacy. Complete Collagen includes hydrolyzed peptides, which are smaller than typical collagen molecules to support optimal utilization

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