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Yoghurt Is It Good For You?

Yoghurt can be good for you, provided you are not lactose intolerant, however it is estimated around 75% of people are lactose intolerant- which makes yoghurt difficult to digest. Most people do tolerate yoghurt better than milk but generally if you are sensitive to milk it’s best to avoid or limit yoghurt.

For those that can tolerate dairy- look for goats or sheep yoghurt which is easier on digestion. We also suggest going for organic when it comes to dairy. If you are vegetarian and yoghurt is a source of protein, make sure you opt for the higher protein options- there can be a difference of double the protein in some brands. Read the labels!

For those that are intolerant to yoghurt- there are so many great coconut yoghurt brands out there. And it is really easy to make your own... we will share a recipe on this soon.

For both dairy and non- dairy options it’s important to choose plain yoghurt with no added sweeteners, flavourings and fruit and always full fat.

Contact us to find out if you should be eating yoghurt.