Why do we need supplements anyway?

We are not big on taking recommendations from friends… “this made me feel fantastic, you should take it?”

It’s unlikely your friends jeans are going to be the perfect fit for you and it is just as unlikely his/her supplements will support your genes the same way they support his/ hers.

We believe in testing first- so you know what your body needs to repair and thrive.

We use supplements in a targeted manor to heal and support you and then as past of a carefully constructed maintenance program to keep you feeling your best.

We wish we could rely on food alone but unfortunately over farming has led to our food having less nutrients, hectic lifestyles and stress also means we need more support in supplement form from time to time.

Whilst our focus is on personalisation, there are some base supplements that are good to take:

  • A good quality omega oil

  • A good quality magnesium

  • A good quality probiotic on rotation

  • A good quality vitamin C

Reach out to us if we can help streamline your supplements.