What To Store In Your Freezer To Make Quick & Healthy Meals

There are often times when we want to reach for UberEats. This usually happens when we haven’t planned ahead and the fridge is looking empty and uninspired. Although there are some healthy options it just doesn’t feel the same as a home cooked meal and we have found stocking a few essentials in the freezer makes it easy to whip up something in under 15 minutes.

  1. Bone broth- we always have this in the freezer, frozen in ice cubes for adding to sauces or soups. By adding some miso or thai curry paste, apple cider vinegar or lemon, add chopped leftover veggies or frozen veggies and you have a pretty tasty soup ready to go. Adding coconut milk makes it even more filling.

  2. Soups- soups freeze so well. Make a big batch and always have a meal or snack ready to be warmed up.

  3. Meat balls- we often make meatballs (by adding atleast 50% grated vegetables), make a larger batch and freeze them before cooking so all you need to do is pop them in the oven- serve with avocado slices and any veggies you may have.

  4. Corn tortillas- if you can tolerate corn- keep the La Tortilleria corn tortillas from Little Farms in your freezer this makes an excellent base for scrambled eggs + frozen spinach, as well as a wrap for meatballs, or salads. If you have auto-immunity or blood sugar issues- best hold off the corn.

  5. Frozen smoothies- keep ziplock bags with smoothie contents- just add water/ coconut or nut milk. We love freezing avocado, blanched cauliflower, berries, coconut milk/ nutmilk ice cubes in little bags ready to blend.