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What Colour Is Your Urine… Does It Matter?

In the near future we are pretty sure we will see smart toilets that analyze this for us but until then it really is worth-while taking stock of what happens in the toilet.

For urine:

Normal urine ranges from pale yellow to dark yellow. It is normal for your first urine to be darker but it should get lighter by lunchtime. If it’s still dark it is likely you are not drinking enough and are dehydrated. A fluorescent colour can be from supplements- particularly B Vitamins.

For stool- take a look here.

Warning signs to watch out for:

  • Your urine is deep red or brown which can indicate a liver issue

  • By the end of the day your urine is still dark yellow which could mean you’re dehydrated

  • Cloudy urine can also indicate an infection so keep track if it persists..