What Can You Do With Castor Oil?

We are forever experimenting at TNC, sometimes on new discoveries but often on bringing ancient remedies and rituals back into play. Castor oil has been on our experiment list and after testing it out for a few months we can report we're onto a winner. 

Here are our top 3 uses:

1. To relieve aches and pains- particularly from menstrual pain. If you suffer from menstruation pain it really is worth giving this a go. Every night leading up to the start of your menses rub castor oil on your belly - place a thin towel on top- this oil is sticky and then a hot water bottle. Lie down and rest for 35 minutes. It is important not to do a castor oil pack during your menses as it can increase your flow. 

2. Dry skin- Pooja has been trying this on her daughters dry skin from heading to the pool too much, although sticky,  she finds it absorbs so much better then coconut oil!

3. Castor oil also helps the liver detox- applying a castor oil pack, as above with a heat pack to the upper abdomen area a few nights a week is a great way to provide additional liver support.