What are good snacks for children?

Protein and good quality fat is going to help your child feeling fuller for longer opposed to high sugar treats. A lot of parents rely on ready-made, processed snacks which are packed with sugar and do not have much protein or fat so kids get a spike of energy and quite soon after get hungry and tired.

Make sure your child is eating a well-balanced meal before so you don't have to rely solely on snacks. Make sure there is enough protein( lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, lentils) and good fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil, butter, oily fish, avocado) to keep them going.

For snacks before an activity, here are some of our favorites for kids:

  • -nutbutter and apple slices

  • -rice crakers and hummus

  • -mince patties

  • -mixed nuts and seeds

  • -boiled egg

  • -mashed avocado and rice crackers

  • -berries and yoghurt or kefir

  • -fruit dipped in dark chocolate