Unsung Superfood: Fibre

We very rarely hear about fibre but it is definitely more important than all the attention that goes to turmeric, acai and coconut oil. It is a pretty basic building block most of us are not getting near enough of.

Why is it so important?

-It reduces inflammation, studies show it lowers CRP (an important blood marker for inflammation)

-Balances hormones by regulating estrogen (most women are estrogen dominant)

-Helps push out toxins through the digestive track

-Keeps you fuller for longer

-Improves blood sugar as it slows down glucose into the bloodstream

So how do you get more fibre in your diet?

(it’s particularly important when you’re going grain and legume free)

Here are some examples of high fibre foods along with the amounts of fibre per average serving:

Pear: 5.5g

Avocado: 8g

Berries (cup): 4g-8g

Carrot (cup): 3.6g

Beets (cup): 3.8g

Leafy greens: (cup) 4-6 g

Quinoa (cup): 5.2g

Nuts & seeds (30g): 2-4 g

We need to get at least 25g of fibre a day which is really difficult -- so fibre supplements may help if you can’t reach this.

Although lentils and beans have a high amount of of fibre we find they are not tolerated that well for most people which is why we have not included them above.