‘Un-intentional’ self care

We see self-care advice everywhere- laundry lists of what to do every day to care for yourself. What we also see first hand with our clients is people exhausted and stressed out trying to fit in everything in the early morning or late at night -- all in the name of wellness.

That is not self-care. Self-care makes you feel good -- not bad -- about all the things you never completed that week. Self-care should require a little push but ultimately feel easy to do and maintain.

For some of our clients that’s meditation, yoga or a wonderful and soothing night time ritual. Beyond self-care, we also clients to do so something for the hell of it, ‘un-intentional self-care’. We don’t realise the power of trying something new, not in the name of wellness, something just for fun.

It is really important on your wellness journey to explore ideas that extend beyond wellness alone. Spend some time identifying with what you enjoy, what makes you happy. It doesn’t need to be complicated; tennis with a friend, coffee at your favourite place, watching a foreign film, that right there is true self-care.

Let us help you find your balance.