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The Weekly Edit: Vol 1, Issue 2

Here at The Nutrition Clinic, we believe in food first. But we look at many different aspects as well–– Stress, sleep, movement, habits, energy... The list goes on! This week, we are sharing with you some of our top tools, insights and experiences that we found useful in getting us through the week. What are some of the things that we are currently loving?


Volume 1, Issue 2 of The Weekly Edit.


Feeling anxious:

  1. Breathe–– It does not need to be complicated. A super simple 4-7-8 breathing technique, also known as “relaxing breath” is all you need. It involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds. You will be surprised at how quickly this can calm you down in a moment of anxiety or stress.

  2. Ask yourself this simple question “How can I make this moment easier?". Often, these simple ways are closer to us than we realise. We try to make things easier by holding on or drudging through. It is important to realise that we do not always need to do this. Adapt the question and apply to anything that you might be struggling with. Working on something serious? Ask yourself, “ How can I make this moment fun?”. Feeling Overwhelmed? Ask yourself, "How can I make this easier?” It’s simple and it can get you out of thinking about problems. It helps to start you thinking creatively about positive action. Sometimes, letting go may actually make everything easier than holding on.


Feeling shift

  1. This week, we tried an online session with Sam Khan (osteo/ physio)  from Bodyworks for a stiff neck. It worked surprisingly well and gave us tools to be able to work with our own bodies at home. Check them out here––

  2. Try something new–– Our Complete Collagen has quickly become our number one selling supplement. Although collagen accounts for as much as 30% of the body’s total protein, many individuals do not consume enough. As such, the body lacks the nutrition for body collagen turnover and renewal.

The Nutrition Clinic has made it easier to incorporate adequate amount of collagen into any diet with Complete Collagen. This collagen supplement is great for everyone to support renewal and regeneration of cells. Certain groups such as athletes, aging individuals, and those recovering from injury will find this product exceptionally useful.

Complete Collagen can aid your body is so many ways:

  • Ensuring proper bone density

  • Maintaining healthy skin elasticity, hydration and appearance

  • Supporting joint tissue health & function involving cartilage, tendons & ligaments

  • Promoting GI tract Health We want to encourage more people to give it try. Feel the benefits yourself–– We are giving you SGD $20 + free domestic delivery to give Complete Collagen a try. The sale has already started, followers first (Follow us here for more updates)! But you are still on time–– Hurry, before it runs out!


Feeling Growth: 

  1. Use this time to work on something you have been putting off for a while. No idea where to start? If you are already a TNC member, feel free to schedule a call with Bonnie, our lifestyle and habits coach, today! Bonnie will help you get started with the Tiny Habits method. For those who do not know, Bonnie is a Certified Tiny Habits coach and will help you kickstart your lifestyle journey with a personalised habit recipe. This is why we love membership– We go beyond just what’s happening on your plate. We know the value of personalising, and will give you the best support to help you achieve the results you have been hoping for.

  2. Do something that scares you. Wondering what are we doing that scares us this week? Pooja is taking on decluttering, Marie Kondo style. She has lived in the same home for 18 years and has collected a lot. Every drawing or scribble done by her daughter sparks joy–– so Pooja is expecing to go down a rabbit hole of memories! Bonnie is starting to do more videos… Watch this space. (A inside secret: Bonnie hates being on camera– even photographs. So this is a big one!). This week both Pooja and Bonnie are clearly feeling Growth! How about you? Kickstart your journey today, reach out and let us start your too.



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