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The Weekly Edit: Vol 1, Issue 1

As we digest the news that even when the circuit breaker ends, many of us will still work from home, there is a sinking in of this realisation that the change is here to stay. We will need to adapt and reset routines during this journey. The important thing right now is to focus on what we need and let us assure you it is very different for each of us (Let that sink in a while). One thing is for sure– With Coronavirus has come a lot of content and it can be overwhelming. 


At The Nutrition Clinic, we have always believed in personalised service. We do not believe our bodies all operate the same, nor our minds and movement. Over the years, we have really tailored our approach so we meet clients where they are and help them move into a stage of growth. We also help them build confidence to trust and honour their bodies. Our membership program is something we are really proud of for this reason– We take clients on a wonderful journey with us, each uniquely different. 

We hope this list helps to meet you where you are and create a little shift each week.  


This is what The Team at The Nutrition Clinic are loving this week!

Introducing to you Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Weekly Edit.

Feeling anxious:

  1. Switch your news source. This is one of the biggest shift you can make. Stay up to date with the government daily update and shift your news source to something positive. Here's something to help you get started: Positive.News

  2. Regain your mental balance. Engage in Qi Gong video that is great for your body. This has helped a lot of our clients– Move and power up energy through the day! 


Feeling shift:

  1. Try something new. You can kickstart this right at home! A wonderful series to help you get into the kitchen, Kitchn Cooking School has a series of crash courses that is great for beginners who are keen to try their hand at cooking.

  2. Move more and build mobility and strength. Opt for a home workout to get moving! Strengthen your glutes with CorePower Yoga or build your mobility and strength with GMB's online programs. (Great for working out with kids)


Feeling growth:

  1. Do something for someone– Write a note of thanks and send it, or start a campaign to help someone you know is in need. Have a helper at home? Something as simple as making sure her family is well cared for during this time is a great way to start. They may need additional support you are able to offer.

  2. Get brave– Sign up for an online courage building course to discover your passion and purpose. The Courage Academy by Margie Warrell is one that we are trying ourselves too! Enter the code 2020VISION for 70% off (until May 15th) to enjoy some of the wisdom that she can share. There is no affiliation, we are simply sharing the savings with you too!



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