Sugar + fat - how to pair it

We often tell clients who enjoy fruit to pair it with some protein or fat to slow down the spike of insulin. A simple solution is adding a small portion of nuts and seeds.

So when is sugar and fat a bad idea?

When it comes to processed and junk food. Studies show that although sugar is addictive, it is the combination of sugar and fat in processed food that leads to overconsumption and intense cravings by stimulating the reward and habit centre in your brain. This is called the bliss point- where food is so delicious but not satisfying so you want more.

For processed foods to reach bliss point, food scientists play with the ratios of salt, sugar and fat. Fat gives food a good texture, salt helps mask the chemical taste and sugar hits that pleasure point in our brain. This is why people can easily eat a large box of cookies or chips without feeling full and still want more.

We find that for some people, this trigger is so strong that abstinence rather than moderation is key with processed foods. That one bite can lead to the whole bag…

Are you a moderator or an abstainer?