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Still or Sparkling?

We often get asked if soda/ sparkling water is a good choice to replace still water.

Scientifically speaking, according to research by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition sparkling water and still water will hydrate you the same, however you will more then likely drink less which can put you at risk of dehydration.

So who should avoid soda?

Anyone with gerd/ reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease). If your digestive system is particularly sensitive it is also best to opt for still as it can cause bloating, especially if you are enjoying sparkling water with food.

We find sparkling water can be a great tool to curb cravings- sparkling water with a squeeze of lime, lemon or grapefruit is really refreshing and can help you reaching for an afternoon snack or high sugar drink. It is also great when you’re reducing alcohol consumption as it is a little more exciting then water but not loaded with sugar like mocktails and soft-drinks.

Carbon footprint aside, one under-appreciated mineral is sulfate, compared to other mineral water brands, San Pellegrino has some of the highest levels of sulfate which is important for liver detoxification. It also has a good amount of calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate as well as other trace minerals.

But don’t overdo it. Carbonated water (like soda stream or soda water) has carbonic acid in it which is a mild acid. One of the concerns with an acidic drink (water should have a pH of 7 while San Pellegrino is 4.96) can cause dental erosion of tooth surface enamel. Interestingly, carbonated water can also cause weight gain by modulating the appetite hormone Ghrelin.

What is the best way to drink sparkling water?

So, it’s fine once a day or to use as a mixer in alcoholic drinks but not as your only hydration source- still water still needs to form the main part of your day! Have it ideally from a glass bottle, so there is no leaching from an aluminium can or plastic bottle.

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