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Sleep Hack #3: Limit your caffeine after 12.

½ of the population is genetically not able to process caffeine well. This means you may feel jittery and struggle to sleep. If you feel like this after drinking coffee it’s a good idea to try going without coffee for a period of time and see what it does to your sleep. If you feel you metabolise coffee well try not having another cup after 12, to see how this affects your sleep for 2 weeks. If you feel that works well you could then try your last coffee up until 3pm and see if this has any effect on your sleep. It is important to experiment with your body to understand what works best for you.

Coffee is an interesting one- it can give you the energy you need to get through the day but can also leave you with poor sleep. So you can see how it is hard a cycle it can be to break. If you happen to metabolise caffeine poorly it is really worth testing this out to improve your evening sleep and therefore reduce your dependency on caffeine.

To replace the urge for caffeine a green based vegetable juice can really help- cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon - which helps to give you a mineral and energy boost. If you drink a lot of coffee- it’s a good idea to skip the detox symptoms by slowly reducing your consumption over a few days or weeks.