Should you skip the egg yolk?

We do see a lot of clients that are sensitive to eggs. For those that aren’t the WHOLE egg is a great protein and nutrient source.

So what’s the deal between the white and the yolk:

Egg white: is mostly protein

Egg yolk: is full of nutrients like choline (eggs have the highest source of choline besides organ meats)

So why do some people throw away the yolk?

The egg yolk is where the cholesterol is and cholesterol is often seen as a bad substance but it is essential for the production of Vitamin D and production of hormones. In most cases egg yolks do not increase cholesterol levels much and if they do they usually increase HDL which is the ‘good cholesterol”. So if you tolerate eggs you shouldn’t be throwing out the yolk! Of Course if you do have high cholesterol it is important to have regular blood tests to ensure your diet aligns.