Should I track my food in a diary or app?

In our experience we believe food tracking does have its place- but usually at the start of a dietary shift. This helps keep you on track, learn from possible side steps and be able to share valuable data with us so we can work together to find solutions that work with your lifestyle and taste buds… It also is a good time to see what you are truly eating- a lot of us eat or drink blindly- only thinking about the larger meals opposed to all the snacks that might creep in between.

What we don’t encourage is long-term tracking- we believe food should be enjoyed, celebrated and not analysed to death with every bite. After a few weeks of tracking you’ll get the hang of it and it’s this knowledge that helps you make better choices and stick to a longer term plan of making natural trade-off and upgrades.

Our favourite apps to use for tracking in the short-term are:

  • -Myfitnesspal (useful if you want to get a sense of your macro intake)

  • -Youate (useful if you’re more visual/ concerned with portion sizes)