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Shashi's guide to healthy ageing

Happy 75th birthday Shashi!

If there’s someone we know that embraces healthy ageing beautifully, it’s Shashi. This week we celebrate the birthday of this incredible lady who in our opinion is doing right with what her body, mind and spirit needs.

In the words of Pooja, our functional nutritionist, “Today we celebrate the 75th birthday of my incredible mother.

Most people who know her are taken by her youthful energy and vivaciousness. Many have asked me what is her “secret” to looking and feeling so young. I know the real “secret” is that she isn’t trying to be an age she is not. She isn’t trying to look or feel younger - but simply wants to be the best version of herself. That guides how she prioritises her decisions - from embracing her grey hair, to spending money on the best quality food, to adapting her exercise to her changing needs.

Happy birthday mama! Love you”

Happy birthday Shashi, this guide was inspired by you.

Food and supplements

  • Use the best ingredients you can source. The foundation of your meals should be vegetables with a portion of high-quality protein.

  • Enjoy balance. Avoid grains and sugar. It's ok to have the occasional dark chocolate.

  • Take the right supplements. Shashi takes collagen, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D, probiotics & b-complex daily.

  • Eat well, eat less. Shashi does intermittent fasting on most days. She also does prolonged fasting with the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Food Kits.

Mindset and Self-Care

  • Be fearless when it comes to change. Be adaptable.

  • Cultivate mental flexibility- Shashi is open to learning new things and think in terms of “I can” instead of “I can’t”.

  • Take things head on.

  • Seek the positives and make the most out of situations.

  • Enjoy the small pleasures in life. Shashi loves dressing up.

  • Laugh a lot.

Movement and Self-care

  • Keep a self-care routine. For Shashi that includes prioritising sleep, massages, facials, and time with family.

  • Resistance training is important as you grow older to prevent muscle loss. Shashi gave up kickboxing just a couple of years ago and now does regular pilates.

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