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Sharing the wisdom of 70: Ageing gracefully, living healthy and creating simplicity

Today, we celebrate the wisdom of what 70 holds, from the lens of wise Mick and thoughtful words from our Habits Coach Bonnie (@bonnie_tnc_wellnesscoach)

"This is my dad. 70 today. When I asked him how he felt this morning to be 70, he answered, same as I did when I was 50.

This is mindset and owning your journey. My dad has always embodied that. He gets balance, he gets hard work, he gets self-care, and the importance of eating well. He gets indulgence too.

What is he doing today? Going for breakfast, doing a bit of work in between, going for a cycle, heading out for lunch and then gearing up for a zoom call with his family scattered all over the world.

Although we were all supposed to be together in Italy, Covid had other plans. And I’ve yet to hear one compliant from him about it. Soon, my dad says…soon.

Has his journey been without hurdles? Of course not. He just tackles them effortlessly.

Recently diagnosed with stage 3 growth on his kidney, he delivered the news saying, “Guess what? I’m super lucky. The doctor discovered a growth and they are going to remove it. How lucky am I that they found it.”

3 days after the removal of his kidney, he was walking the block and ready to take on life again. This is my dad, powered by some force of nature.

Thank you dad, for being the rock that leads by example, in each and every aspect of life. I've asked him to share some of that wisdom and he replied,

“Always be kind, make people laugh, don’t complicate things- it can always be simpler.”

Thank you Mick for sharing with us the wisdom 70 years holds. And always reminding us to turn to gratitude and making the best of all that we have.