Product of the week:

Straits Market Barramundi- free delivery for first orders: freedlvfromb

Why do we like it?

Its locally farmed. Tastes amazing. Is super fresh and is trusted by Michelin Star restaurants across Singapore. The Barramundi is not farmed to full size which means there is a low mercury risk. This fish doesn’t have an ammonia smell and muddy taste and can be kept fresh in the fridge for 5 days from purchase- although we usually use the whole fish straight away and freeze the fillets.

How we use it?:

We like to grill the whole fish on a BBQ- stuffed with lemon, ginger and spring onions. If we buy the fillets we lightly pan fry them with lemon and serve with garlic roasted greens. With this fish the flavour profile is so crisp and delicate we really keep it simple.