Pineapple Tarts... Do We Eat Them?

Here is the thing. We love pineapple tarts. So what do we do when every corner we turn there is an opportunity to indulge?

We say it to clients and it is important for us to share here too- we are not only about high quality protein, fat and vegetables.

We occasionally have an indulgence which we enjoy guilt free. We still make sure our main meals are still made up of vegetables, protein and good quality fat but sometimes allow a little space for a pineapple tart.

Where we can we source better options we do (Tiaans and Bakening), but sometimes we indulge in good quality (never shortening) gluten, dairy and sugar filled pineapple tarts and savour every bite!

What’s important to us is that we enjoy it- sometimes it’s easy to blindly eat something because you used to enjoy it, or because you’re craving sugar or trying to eat your way out of a bad feeling.

We eat pineapple cakes every year- because we enjoy them and our diets and lifestyles are pretty balanced most of the year that our bodies can handle a little indulgence now and again.

That's what balance is about- learning how to stay mostly in the zone but at the same enjoying life's little pleasures too!