Our top 5 favourite online grocery shops in Singapore

Grocery shopping in Singapore can be tricky as we tend to need to go to a few shops to get our weekly grocery haul.

Luckily a lot of this has moved online so it is a bit easier to keep up with a few suppliers.

Here is how we generally shop:

  1. Redmart: This covers our household supplies, Mekala spices and curry pastes, butter, olive oil, bones for broth + mackerel (Sasha’s), gluten free bread (Whole Kitchen), frozen organic blueberries

  2. Little Farms: This covers our meat, corn tortillas, kefir, fermented foods and smoked salmon/ trout, eggs

  3. Straits Market: Fish! We have recently found this supplier and their locally farmed Barramundi and Snapper is amazing! - don't forget to use this code for free delivery for first time orders: freedlvfromb

  4. Open Taste: Most of our veggies come from here

  5. iHerb: Dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, avocado mayonnaise, organic sesame oil, tinned salmon