Our top 3 sites for lectin free recipes:

Most of our clients are able to tolerate lectin containing foods well- but their are some clients who really benefit from removing lectins containing food for a period of time.

What are lectins?

Often called ‘antinutrients’ as they can reduce the bodies ability to absorb nutrients. Lectins are found in many different plant and animal based foods, around 30% of these foods contain significant amounts. We are not able to digest lectins so for some clients they can cause inflammation.

It is important to note- not everyone needs to avoid lectins- it is a restrictive diet so you should definitely work with a health practitioner if you plan to try it.

If you are already on a lectin free diet, here are our top 3 recipe sites:

https://creativeinmykitchen.com/ - we could stare at these images for hours…

https://humanfoodbar.com/plant-paradox-recipes/ simple recipes to get you started

https://lectinfreemama.com/- has some great recipes and meal plans