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Living with High Functioning Anxiety

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

How to tell and what you can do?

Anxiety might not be what you think it looks like.

The high-functioning person is often an overachiever. They have many positive traits - they are active, organised, proactive and detail-oriented.

While some are frozen by anxiety, a high functioning person with anxiety is propelled into doing and achieving more, but is sometimes late to recognize the struggles and anxiety involved to achieve that level of success.

They often silence their inner turmoil thinking that its's something that many people just have to go through and that they just need to manage it better somehow.

The Three Os:
Over-doing, Over-thinking and Over-performing.

Most times, you work so much to the point that it's wearing you down. There's little or no time for the other pleasures in life - and when you do carve out time for yourself, your mind continues to race. It's difficult to be present and you can't wait to get to the next thing on the agenda.

You tend to overthink and read too much into situations. And because you have a difficult time letting people down, you accept huge workloads without complaining.

In a culture where we are propelled to do more, achieve more, and to keep on pushing to meet keep up with the pressures at work and at home, this could come as a detrimental effect on not only the individual, but the society at large as mental health concerns is on the rise globally.

You may not seek help because:

  • You are worried that your work might suffer if you are not constantly driven

  • You might think that everyone struggles the way you do and that it's normal

  • You silence your internal struggles and sometimes feel like you can't ask for help

Steps you can take to manage your anxiety

  • Listen carefully to your inner monologue. Pay attention to your thought patterns. Anxiety involves a lot of negative perceptions. (what if I miss this deadline, what if I mess this presentation up, will they think I'm incompetent if I say no?"

  • Re-access your sleep hygiene.

  • Reconnect with your body - anxiety is as much a physical manifestation as it is mental.

  • Anxiety feeds off anxiety - learn how to intervene with yourself.

Schedule for a consultation with us if you feel that there is more to your anxiety. Burning out and anxiety is often linked to an imbalance in the HPA-Axis and testing can be done to get the root of your issues.

We recommend using our non habit conforming supplement, Liposomal NeuroCalm™ to help you get through overwhelming situations.

While TNC can help ease anxiety from a nutritional approach, do consider working with a therapist/ counsellor to help manage your anxiety from a psychological approach.


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