Is jackfruit the next big thing?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Jackfruit does contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals as well as a decent amount of fiber. It also has a fairly low glycemic index, which measures how quickly your blood sugar rises after eating food, this is particularly true with unripe jackfruits. There are currently a lot of studies being done on unripe jackfruit and its ability to lower blood sugar levels. It is an interesting space we are watching closely as these studies evolve.

It’s becoming popular amongst the vegetarian and vegan crowd as it takes on the texture of pulled meat as it doesn't have a naturally strong taste when it is unripe it can easily take on other flavors. It is important to note while taste might resemble meat the nutritional profile does not, jackfruit has fiber and minerals but it is much lower in protein than meat- so it does not make for a good protein substitute for vegetarians and vegans who often struggle to meet their protein needs.

The best way to use jackfruit is when it is unripened or when it is 'green' so it can easily blend into recipes- this also means it contains less sugar. When choosing tinned jackfruit- make sure there is only jackfruit listed in the ingredients. It is important to know ripe jackfruit that has been dried into snacks has a fair amount of sugar as well as vegetable and processed oils- so this is best avoided. Jackfruit flour can also be used to make gluten-free pancakes, baked goods or savory items like roti and has some excellent benefits of helping to lower blood sugar.

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