How to use feasting and fasting to your metabolic advantage?

Fasting looks different for everyone - some of our clients don't do it at all as it doesn't make sense for their nutritional needs.

Pooja's schedule looks a little like this:

- 5 days of gentle fasting (13-15 hours). We recommend you get your proteins, good fats, and of course, vegetables in.

- 1 day in a week of a longer fast (22-24 hours of fasting)

- 1 week feasting on nourishing foods

This helps her body effectively and safely go in and out of ketosis, allowing her body to burn fat for fuel. It is important to note Pooja has done the groundwork first- she has worked on her adrenal system first before jumping into fasting.

Research have also found that switching between the two states of feasting and fasting optimizes brain function and resilience, improving neuronal circuits involved in cognition and mood.

And although our bodies thrive on metabolic switching between periods of ketosis, followed by periods of nourishment (eating) and recovery (resting and sleeping), it is always better to seek a professional’s help to work on your adrenals first and if you have other health conditions, to check for suitability.