How to tackle a hawker centre

For some of our clients hawker centres are a way of life- so it is important we are able to help them navigate better choices.

Here are 5 top tips when eating at a hawker centre:

  1. Skip the carbs or choose rice or rice noodles over wheat and gluten products… and then alter the rice portion. If you look at a traditional chicken and rice meal there is a lot of rice, a smaller portion of protein and a garnish of vegetables. You want your plate to look more like protein + veg.

  2. Skip anything deep fried. Deep fried food is inflammatory

  3. Be careful of loading up on sauces, especially if you’re gluten free. Soya sauce has gluten in it! Opt for grilled options as far as possible without sauce.

  4. Some ideas: broth based soups, vegetables + grilled protein from the economy rice stall, Thai papaya salad + Thai Curries

  5. Skip the drinks- unless it’s water or coffee or tea without sugar or milk. Most drinks at a hawker centre (including the fruit juices are loaded with sugar)