How TNC Member, Julianna Healed Her Digestive Issues...

Client Review

The Nutrition Clinic member, Julianna, shares her experience and her journey of healing.

"I am so grateful to TNC for their holistic approach in cultivating the right mentality and implementing good habits to support a lifestyle with endearing results." ––– Julianna

"When I came to The Nutrition Clinic, I felt completely hopeless. Having consulted other nutritionists who tried a number of ways to resolve my gut issues, I always ended up right where I started because of the short term solutions proposed.

Apart from educating me on how to heal my digestive system, Pooja and Bonnie empowered me with tools to ensure sustainability. With their intuitive expertise, they knew how to rectify my gastritis and promote efficient digestion. They also helped me shave off excess weight!

Though it took great discipline under their wonderful guidance, I am so grateful to TNC for their holistic approach. TNC helped cultivate the right mentality in me and implemented good habits to support a lifestyle with endearing results.

With the circuit breaker measures forcing us to be home bound, snacking becomes an easy reaction to restlessness and anxiety. Throughout this period, TNC was with me every step of the way. They advised me on preparing well balanced meals and showed me alternative snacking options for when sticky cravings arise. TNC helped me implement self care practises for my overall well being that targeted stress. Now, I make more mindful choices throughout the day."