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How not to label how you eat

The world of nutrition is constantly evolving -- in part due to new research; in part because it is big business -- and there are so many new trends and diets. It can be confusing. You will meet people who do very well on a paleo diet and find that by cutting out grains and adding more meat, their weight stabilises and symptoms improve.

Others might have the same experience following a vegan diet rich in grains with no animal protein. And yet someone else might thrive as long as gluten is removed from the diet.

At TNC it is our job to help our clients work out what should be on their plate -- and what should stay off. We take into account a number of factors such as blood sugar levels, inflammatory markers, food sensitivities and specific nutritional deficiencies, to design an eating framework that best suits their biology.

In our experience, there are certain nutritional truths that work for most people. As a starting point, focus on these and see if they help you understand what’s best for you:

  1. Own your plate -- Think about how most meals are designed: Grains (=sugar) are often the main event of the meal while vegetables are sadly an afterthought. Switch that around and try this: Make vegetables the star of your plate. Give them centrestage and fill your plate with them. At the same time, shift grains to the side (if you are bold enough, try dropping them completely from your meal). Add protein and healthy fats. Simply making this swap will make a big change.

  2. Quality matters -- invest in the best quality, fresh produce you can find. When it comes to meat and dairy, make sure it isn't pumped with chemicals, hormones and other nasties. Your tastebuds will sing; your body will thank you. It's that simple.

  3. Enter the kitchen -- get involved in how your food is made. For one, it helps with how you design your plate. By participating in how your meals are prepared, you take ownership of a very basic part of nutrition.

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