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How Do You REALLY Feel Right Now?

We have come to look at wellness as the absence of being sick. We know when we are sick but what about when we are just not feeling our best. Do we stop and notice those small changes that are often leading up to something more?

At TNC we rely on a symptom checker, it helps our clients start realising what is normal and what requires a little bit of extra attention.

That’s what functional nutrition is- taking a step back- what's the root of this symptom?

When we speak to clients about wellness they often have a few pillars missing. When we think about nutrition we think about food- and usually food we know we shouldn’t be eating. When we look at nutrition we look at it from different angles. Not only what you might benefit from avoiding but what can you add?

We also look at nourishment that goes beyond food- we look at sleep, movement, stress, relaxation, what you may be nutritionally deficient in and even fun. These make up the TNC pillars of wellness and finding the balance you need to thrive!