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How Do We Handle Pregnancy at TNC?

At The Nutrition Clinic we truly believe in the concept of as strong as you go into pregnancy is as strong as you'll come out. Ideally, we try to work with our clients a few months before they become pregnant, getting their bodies in the best shape to receive a growing baby.

Pregnancy is probably the biggest endurance race of your life- and just as you would prepare for a sporting challenge it makes a lot of sense to prepare your body for the challenges and changes that come with growing a baby. 

So how do we prepare? We usually start with some testing to see where your body is at and where we might need to do a bit more extra repair work. We look at diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise and sleep to see how we can fill in any gaps.

When you go in strong it's easier to handle the next few trimesters and most importantly come out strong the other side in that all-important fourth trimester.