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Here are 5 insights I've gathered during the FIT Summit.

Bonnie Rogers,

Functional Habits Coach, The Nutrition Clinic

1. There is a global shift to people being more sedentary post covid- including developing countries. This has a direct impact on the increase in mental illness.

2. In the UK over 50% of its population is obese, 60% of people in the UK have not seen a doctor in a year.

This is huge when we start talking about longevity and preventative health.

3. A huge light was shed on mental illness and the importance of the eco-system that surrounds this- In developing countries, there is less than 1 mental health care provider for every 100,000 people in SG we sit at 12 providers for 100,000 people, higher then the global average of 9, but there is still a lot of stigmas attached to seeking a professional for help in mental health.

4. Up to 45% of care will be delivered at home in the next 3 years, through apps and at-home monitoring. Putting health and wellness in the hands of the consumer and allowing more integration between different silos of wellness.

5. There is a trend of Gen-X struggling with stress management. This highlighted the importance of empowering young kids on how to manage stress, learn to breathe, be mindful, integrate sports, and identify how food makes them feel. There is a focus on using data to allow people to connect with how they feel- but is there needs to be scope for our children to have these skills without having to use data alone.

As a wellness provider at The Nutrition Clinic, we're focused on #longevity and key #habit shifts in the lifestyle space it blows my mind to start untangling some of this mess and looking at sustainable and simple solutions to optimize wellness in a digital landscape. When mental health suffers usually diet, movement and sleep are directly affected as a result.

We need to start asking hard questions? Why are so many people suffering from #mentalwellness, and what can we do to help?

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