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Have you tried brain dumping the night before to help plan for the 'perfect day'?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

How we start the day has profound effect on the rest of our day. And the quality of our days affect the quality of our lives. Not all good or productive days happen by accident. More often than not, we have to plan and tighten up our routines. Here’s some tips to help you get started:

1. Plan your ‘perfect’ day the night before - you’ll have most clarity to plan the flow of the next day.

2. This can also be part of your winding down routine for the night. Before planning, you can try ‘brain dumping’ - which is the simple act of dumping everything that’s on your mind to help declutter and organise. This can be in the form of lists or if you’re a more visual person, you can try drawing rough mind maps.

3. If you’re having trouble getting started with this exercise, try asking these question:

- What have I been worried about lately?

- What do I keep forgetting to do?

- What has really worked today?

- Is there someone I’ve been meaning to contact?

This helps you plan better and allow room for deep sleep to help your brain detox. Best part is you’ll wake up with a sense of purpose. Here's how we like to start the day:

What do your mornings look like on most days?

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