Hair Loss- What's behind it?

Hair fall can have many underlying causes – and while it may be tempting to pop a “hair and nails” type supplement, and hope for the best, controlling excessive hair fall is not as simple as that (sorry!)

Instead, you want to start by looking closely at your diet – are you eating enough protein?

Do you have enough iron? If you are vegetarian/vegan this is something to look at more closely – and you probably want to do some iron testing with your doctor.

Once those basics have been looked at, you can dig deeper into other areas:

  • Digestion and absorption – many people eat well but just don’t take in what they are eating. This requires looking into food sensitivities and gut microbiome. The bottom line is if you have a lot of sensitivities or your levels of probiotics are low you will just not absorb nutrients well.

  • Hormones – like the thyroid as well and stress and sleep hormones affect hair. This about it? If your body is under long terms stress, it naturally assumes that survival is at stake, and so, its attention and resources are focused on supporting what is vital. It does not care for a moment about your bad hair day. Its simply not important enough.

  • Deficiencies – Protein and iron are the obvious starting point for hair health, bit others like Vit D, B-vitamins and biotin are important. We have found that a lot of clients have benefitted from adding collagen powder to help with hair strength

We are here to help you get to the root of your symptoms. 

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