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Eczema- how we approach this

1.     Zinc

2.     Probiotics

3.     Organic Liver

4.     Bone broth

5.     Vitamin C

6.     L-Glutamine

The above are foods and supplements that help heal the skin from the inside out -- by healing the gut. The first step is to avoid foods that hurt the gut – gluten, dairy, sugar, food additives top the list but when it comes to beating eczema is really helps to do a food sensitivity test.

My first-hand experience with eczema comes from home as my daughter suffers from eczema. Testing showed that potatoes are a strong sensitivity for her – something I would not have been able to guess. We have reached a stage of calming her skin with this approach:

· Strictly avoid trigger foods for minimum 2 months

· Strengthen digestion with specific healing foods like bone broth

· Stick to a supplement routine

· Moisturize like crazy -- I like castor oil mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil