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Eating Lunch OUT In The CBD

We mostly bring lunch in but every now and again we head out to sample what Singapore has on offer.

We currently love:

  1. DailyCut- it’s really easy to make up your lunch based on your dietary requirements, it’s super tasty and most allergens are listed on the checklist sheet. We would say that not everything is healthy. So if you’re going grain free choose a green base, and if you're not grain free opt for ½ rice ½ greens. Ditch the pasta choice!

  1. Grain Traders- a little more pricey but it offers some really great tasting and interesting options (including some fermented). Same applies- choose the base carefully so you don’t end up turning a good choice salad into a carb heavy dish leaving you with 4pm sugar cravings.

  1. The Lokal- Ok it is a little out of the CBD, but this is quite literally our local so we had to include it here. So much is prepared on site from scratch (butter, ketchup, smoked salmon). It is super easy to build your own meal from the delicious sides according to your requirements plus they offer oat milk coffees and gluten free bread!