Eating healthy on a budget

We often hear from clients how expensive it is to eat well.. In our opinion, it is too expensive not to. If you’re eating heaps of processed food what impact is that having on your long term health?

The truth is that eating better doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Here are our top tips for eating well in Singapore on a budget:

  1. Buy quality protein but watch the portion size. For those who eat meat, fish and chicken we urge you to look for quality first. You can always alter your portion and load up on more vegetables to keep this inline with your budget. We buy our white fish from Straits Market, salmon pieces and mackerel from Sashas, meat and chicken from Little Farms and suppliers on RedMart such as Ryans Grocery and The Meat Club. We also watch out for sales and freeze it if we spot a good deal.

  2. We generally look for organic where possible- but appreciate this can be costly in Singapore. There are some great local farms like Quanfa and Bollywood vegetables that do really reasonably priced Asian Greens. Susteiner kale is also great- it lasts long which means less waste. Don’t get too hung up on organic. If you can only buy regular produce just give it a good soak in vinegar and salt water to wash off any residual pesticides. We buy the bulk of our veggies from Opentaste and Redmart

People often don’t realise how much a drink here, a snack there adds up. Focus your budget for food on real food items, opposed to snacks and convenience foods.