Does the colour of your banana change its nutritional profile?

Bananas are cultivated to be really sweet- so although not technically bad for you (they are high in potassium and magnesium and B6) we try to encourage our clients to watch that they don’t over do it. For clients with metabolic and glucose regulation issues- bananas are out, unless they are green.

  • Green bananas don’t taste sweet. Green banana flour is being used for gluten free recipes and can actually help lower blood sugar levels because of the resistant starch. It is also a good source of prebiotic fibre.

  • Yellow bananas are sweet as the resistant starch has turned into sugar, they are digested quicker causing a bigger spike in blood sugar. We suggest limiting yellow bananas if you are watching your sugar intake.

  • Brown bananas start to lose their texture as well as nutritional profile. The more brown spots- the more sugar which is why over ripe bananas are often used in baking. If you are using bananas in baking remove all the other sweeteners- most times you don't need it- the banana is enough!

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