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Do you Have Snack Attack?

Most snacking is so habitual we rarely connect with true hunger- A glass of water is usually what we need, but instead we reach for a snack. It’s particularly hard in the corporate world, where a lot of offices have a million unhealthy snacks laid out on the way to the bathroom. It takes a lot of willpower to bypass this every day.

We might start strong in the morning, but a few stressful meetings in and some depleting willpower and it is pretty difficult to walk on by.

Ofcourse snacks do have their space- a considered snack is useful for travel when airports are not going to cut it, or when you’re doing an adventure event and need to fuel yourself with something pre-prepared. But every day at the office after you’ve already had lunch might need some rethinking. 

Besides the environmental pressures all these tiny packaged products present, quite simply we don’t need to snack. It comes back to consideration. Breaking down habits and looking at what that 3pm ‘snack’ is there for?

When to reassess:

  • You feel tired after lunch and need a sugary pick me up (yes, that date bar is natural but full of sugar too) Time to look at what you’re eating for lunch?

  • You feel bored or emotionally connected to the snack

  • You rely on snacks to get through the day

When to snack:

  • Travel

  • If your diet is really out of balance and your focus is to balance blood sugar to start-> it's important in this case your snack is protein + fat not a sugary bar.

  • You exercise a lot and need a snack to power your workout