Chocolate- yay or nay?

What chocolate should you enjoy this Easter and what should you leave out of your Easter bunny basket?

(hint: dark chocolate is the clear winner- it contains up to 4 x the fibre of milk chocolate + the flavanols in cocoa can help protect against sun damage)

Skip anything that:

  • -is less than 70% cocoa- definitely no white chocolate. A lot of easter eggs and bunnies are made from milk chocolate. Remember the higher the % of cocoa the lower the amount of sugar.

  • -is brightly coloured

  • -has sweet fillings or sugar coatings like creme eggs and truffles


  • -Dark chocolate. Our favourite brand is @Marou

  • -Chocolate fat bombs. Make these at home by blending equal parts coconut butter, coconut oil, nut butter, cocoa powder + cinnamon to taste. Freeze these in ice moulds for little chocolate treats. We don’t add any sweetener but if it is a little bitter for your tastebuds, add a small amount of yacon or palm sugar.

  • - Chocolate peanut butter cups. Melt some dark chocolate and drizzle some onto small cupcake-type paper moulds. Spoon peanut butter onto the melted chocolate and cover with some more melted chocolate creating a cup with peanut butter in the centre, Sprinkle with some sea salt and keep in the freezer.

If your child only eats milk and white chocolate- slowly to start to ease them into enjoying dark chocolate. If they tend to eat a lot of sugar- dark chocolate will taste really bitter.

By reducing sugar in their diet in general and introducing dark chocolate with nuts or dipped in fruit like strawberries you can slowly start to shift their taste buds to enjoy dark chocolate.