Celery juice… again

Celery juice is still on the radar. We have already talked about celery juice here but we are seeing so many clients who have added this to their morning routine we thought we would mention it again.

Part of our job is sifting through the fads to bring you the facts. Is it a miracle?

Celery Juice:


-Healthy option but it won’t solve all your health issues

-Has a good vitamin profile

-Needs to be organic as celery does have a high amount of pesticides

-Juicing takes time

Eating celery:

-Cheaper option- when last did you eat a whole bunch of celery at one sitting

-More fibre

-Less vitamins as you’re eating less

-Still needs to be organic

-Makes a good , quick snack- we love it with some nut-butter

We are here to help you get to the root of your symptoms. 

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