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Catch a glimpse of the TNC experience through the eyes of our members!

Client Stories

The Nutrition Clinic members share their experience with us

& how they reclaimed their health.


"Our regular check-ins and conversations have helped me build and maintain transformative life habits. These habits have been incremental and easy to establish. I’m amazed at their ability to tweak my bespoke plan to suit my ever changing life and even mood! They always find a way to make it work for me right now." ––Hanna

I made the right decision of approaching The Nutrition Clinic back in January– purely based on positive online reviews. Pooja and Bonnie not only made sure that they correctly diagnosed my multiple issues and set out a recovery plan, but they were also there to support me when there were slip-ups or relapses. I am forever grateful to the whole team for putting me on this new path. I am more ‘aware’ of what I eat and the impact it has on my mind and body now. ––Kavitha
“What a circus it’s been: a hybrid home + takeaway diet, less sun, definitely less physical movement, more sleep, Ramadhan...What do I take away and what do I add to my diet to stay balanced in this strange confinement period?? Got lots of advice from Pooja, and adjustments to my supplements were delivered promptly to my doorstep with easy e-payment options. Didn’t miss a beat. Thanks TNC ––Yasmin J

"The Circuit Breaker really hasn't been easy at all. From fighting off hoarders for groceries to the toll of constantly cooking at home, TNC really helped me stay on track. They kept me accountable and provided solutions whenever I encountered challenges to my recovery. Not just regarding my diet, but in terms of my lifestyle too. This Circuit Breaker, I actually lost weight and feel so much better about myself than when I was up and about! TNC helped me hit that reset button and start off well from a clean slate. I emerged from this lock down not just purely because I simply surviving it. Instead, I'm thriving on my new habits and diet." ––Sue

"I have been living with GERD for about 10 years and early this year after seeing my doctor for my scheduled appointment my scope wasn’t the best with a few polyps discovered.

I decided I really wanted to find a way to address this condition. Over the last 10 years I had tried a few alternate approaches, but there were so much information that I felt a little demotivated not knowing where to start.

I took the decision to explore having a conversation with a nutritionist and after some searching, I came across TNC and called to book an appointment. I was not sure what to expect as living with GERD is a little bit of a “lonely” feeling since not many people understand the discomfort and more than often people think it’s an exaggerated expression of discomfort.

I went for my appointment which was well accommodated even though it was a short notice and met Pooja. We connected immediately and I actually felt she really got what I was going through. It was a great conversation of discovery, sharing and non-judgmental listening. The initial advice given was practical and seemed easy. I unloaded all my self-research and questions I gathered which Pooja gladly answered with honesty.

I decided to get on board and started with a few tests which I found gave me good insights. What I appreciate with Pooja and Bonnie was the effort to ease the change in. It didn’t seem too extreme and I didn’t have to change certain things I was already doing including certain supplements I was already taking. So, the plan given seemed more to fill in the gap and focus on areas I wasn’t doing well enough.

The regular calls with Pooja and Bonnie are really good to keep me on track as there were moments I almost slipped or had too many cheat days. I find it helpful having the group chat where I can raise any concern or query from food to a recipe or supplement and have a clear concise answer.

Probably one of the biggest take-away aside from feeling better now and heading towards total recovery is the ability to have my queries answered clearly without the guess work. "



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