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Cast iron pans- should we all be using them?

Cast iron pans are great but they not are for everyone as the iron does leach into food. Iron is an essential mineral but too much is toxic and can lead to oxidative stress and accelerated ageing. Before using cast iron cookware it is important to know your iron levels- it is usually an issue for men, menopausal women or people with the genes that can cause hereditary hemochromatosis.

If you are a vegetarian, cast iron can be useful to help top up iron levels, but again make sure you know your iron levels first. This can also be tricky in a family where everyone has different iron needs.

In general cast iron is a great option provided your iron levels are in check, or on the lower side. For others ceramic coated or stainless steel is the way to go. They also tend to be easier to maintain in our humidity.

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