Are you drinking enough?

A lot of our clients only drink around 800ml of water a day, some try and make up for this by drinking another litre when they get home just before bed… which often leads to multiple toilet trips during the night and disturbed sleep.

We all know how important it is to drink water as our bodies are made up of around 80% water. Being adequately hydrated has a huge impact on hunger, energy, mental clarity, sports performance and mood, as well as directly related symptoms like headaches and lethargy.

So how do you increase your water consumption through the day:

  • Start by placing a large glass of water next to your bed at night so first thing in the morning you can rehydrate yourself. Most of us sleep with air-con so this is even more important.

  • Put a glass bottle/ jug on your desk so you slowly slip through the day. If you find water boring and struggle to drink it, try adding some fruit or herbs, or making a herbal ice tea. Blueberries + mint or Cucumber + lime or Grapefruit + ginger slices or Rooibos tea + orange are all great combinations

  • If you’re not at your desk much and are out and about a lot- invest in a good quality water bottle- opt for stainless steel or glass.

  • Some clients find it useful to keep track using an app @Gulp which makes it easy to track water consumption and set goals.

We are here to help you get to the root of your symptoms. 

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