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Are You (Always) Leaving On A Jet Plane?

Traveling lot? We hear you! Most of our clients are often leaving on a jet plane. Airports are notoriously full of germs, but beyond that when we are jetlagged our circadian rhythm gets disrupted which lowers our immune response.

So what can you do?

1. Take a low dose of melatonin 3 days before your trip starts at the usual bedtime of your destination. Once you have arrived continue to take it at full dose at bedtime.

2. We always fly with an aromatherapy oil called thieves from Young Living which you can easily buy online- it smells a bit potent but a few drops go a long way. We rub it under our feet and on our throat and put a few drops on a tissue to clean the parts around our seat. It literally feels like armour against all the germs lurking in the plane. Another great option is silvercillin spray - great for spraying on hands and surfaces and you can also take a few sprays internally.

3. Eat well- plane food is not notorious for being healthy. Eat before you hit the airport and pack some healthy snacks like nuts and seeds for the flight and get a large bottle of water- it helps keep you moving by getting you to the bathroom and keeps you hydrated at the same time!