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7 Health Hacks You Don't Need To Wait For January To Do (part 1)

We have created some simple health hacks to get your year started. That being said these tips translate to any of the time of the year you feel you need an extra boost. Start with one, add on from there.

Drink more water This one is so simple yet so easily overlooked. How can you tell if you’re not drinking enough? Your urine will be dark in colour, you may get headaches easily or find you are craving sugar.

We like to put 2 bottles of water on our desk so we know exactly how much we are drinking each day. Also start your day by rehydrating your body after sleeping with 1-2 glasses of warm water (squeeze some lemon in to give you an extra boost)

Stop drinking sugar Most of us are aware of the sugar in a soft drink… but what about the ‘hidden’ sugars we easily gulp down?

We recently commented on an article for bubble tea where some of the options had around 30-40 teaspoons of sugar!

Some drinks to be avoided include: -Frozen coffee shakes (unless the ingredients are your chosen milk, coffee and ice) -Bubble tea (there are no safe options here) -Fruit juices (even if they are cold pressed, once the fibre is removed your sugar levels are in trouble) -3 in 1 coffee and tea -Coffee or tea with condensed milk -Flavoured yoghurt drinks -Yakhult -Diet Soda (artificial sugars still mimic They trick your metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way, so your body pumps out insulin, the fat storage hormone, which leads to belly fat as well as slowing down metabolism.

So what can you drink? -Water or plain soda water flavoured with lemon, mint, cucumber or a few slices of fresh fruit -Bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter+ MCT coconut oil) / herbal teas -Kombucha (just don't over do it) -Water kefir

Add these to each meal:

We're talking about cruciferous vegetables. Arugula, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Kale, Maca, Mizuna, Radish, Turnip, Watercress.

Try adding a portion to each meal... or at least to lunch and dinner.

Cruciferous vegetables help:

1. Reduce Inflammation 2. Regulate Blood Sugar 3. Aid detoxification 4. Promote Estrogen Balance

If you are struggling with thyroid issues make sure you only eat cruciferous vegetables cooked and if you are struggling with digestive issues you might need to hold off on cruciferous vegetables for a while. If you do find cruciferous vegetables leave you with bloating or other digestive symptoms it might be a good time to explore what underlying issues are at play with with your digestive system.

Nourish your gut with pre-biotics

We hear a lot about pro-biotics but what about pre-biotics? Pre-biotics are typically high fibre foods that act as food for human microflora improving the balance of these microorganisms. Pre-biotics help “feed” probiotics and are essential to get the most out of your biotics. Think of pre-biotics as fertiliser for pro-biotics.

How can you add pre-biotics to your diet: 1. Raw chicory root 2. Sweet potatoes / parsnips 3. Raw dandelion greens 4. Raw garlic 5. Raw leeks 6. Raw or cooked onions 7. Raw asparagus 8. Under-ripe bananas (only if you don't have blood sugar issues) 9. Yacon syrup

Lights out by 10:30pm

"The brain starts to eat itself after chronic sleep deprivation".

We don't mince our words when it comes to sleep and often share details from the 2017 study with clients to hit home the fact that the body needs rest. We need time and space to switch off and recuperate and sleep is that opportunity daily. We aim to get clients in bed by 10:30... of course we start slow- working with you until we reach an optimum sleep time where you wake up thriving not reaching to turn off the alarm!

Upgrading your sleep environment -- also known as sleep hygiene -- means making your room like a dark, cool cave (17-20 degrees is the optimal temperature). Another thing to look at is the blue light emitted from tech devices -- they really disrupt sleep patterns. We personally like f.lux to reduce blue light off devices and supplements such as glycine, magnesium and 5HTP if you need the extra help.

If you really struggle with sleep, we like to look at your individual stress and sleep hormones more carefully -- and them balance them in such as way to produce steady energy in the day and then deep sleep at night.

Our clients often say they don't have the time but when they make the shift and get good quality sleep they achieve so much more.

Get your vitamin D levels checked.

Blood tests are important and at the very least we suggest visiting your GP for a yearly round of blood tests to check everything is in range. A good time to do this is around your birthday so you always remember it's time for your annual check ups.

So what is the deal with Vitamin D? More than half of the world population is deficient in vitamin D and you can't supplement it blindly... too much Vitamin D can cause headaches and inflammation, and can be toxic. Too little Vitamin D can really effect sleep, effect immunity, increase fatigue, increase risk of cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety. This is where supplements come in as even in our year-long summer it's extremely difficult to get adequate Vitamin D from the sunshine alone.

Adequate Vitamin D levels help:

1. Bone health 2. Manage blood sugar levels 3. Protect against cardiovascular issues 4. Enhance immunity 5. Improve memory and concentration 6. Helps hormone regulation and mood

Increase your protein if your sugar cravings are a mess

We are advocates of a plant based paleo diet for most of our clients. This means plants make up the most of our diet with good quality fat and high quality protein.

However, to start adjusting from a diet high in processed foods, carbs and sugar you might need to have a higher portion of protein for a while until your blood sugar and cravings get back into balance.

Over time you'll notice you wont be as hungry and naturally your protein portion will decrease - that's where you make sure to add in more vegetables!


Get in touch with us on 6735 2350 or if you would like to find out how you can take your health to the next level.


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