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The best is yet to come. Become a member today. 


Unlock your health.  

Experience personalised care. Membership is a robust data-driven wellness programme that uncovers the diet and lifestyle that best suits each of us. 

We use data to help each client interpret their unique biology. 

Your membership includes 

8 months of transformative care  

✓ 3 in-depth Functional Medicine Appointments via Zoom 

✓ 3 in-depth certified Functional Wellness Coaching Calls

✓ 2 Functional Medicine Calls

✓ 3 Advanced Health Diagnostics

- Food sensitivity Test 

- Nutritional Deficiency Test 

- Adrenal and Energy Test

✓ Personalised Health and Lifestyle Plan

✓ Symptom tracking and feedback  

✓ 10% off supplements 

✓ Exclusive perks with health and wellness brands

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Advanced health analytics. 

Using advanced testing, we identify key markers that are the root of your symptoms. Membership is a process that combines this data along with lifestyle and habits coaching to deliver accelerated results. 

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What you can expect from membership


Advanced Testing

Comprehensive labs and specialty testing help remove the guesswork and let us go deeper.

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Personalised Health Plan

Your bespoke health plan is designed based off your unique biology and lifestyle. It covers a food, movement, sleep and is customized throughout your care.



In-depth FM Consultations with our nutritionist and lifestyle coaching by our wellness certified coach.


Symptom Tracking

We use data to track your symptoms and make recommendations to support you as you heal.


Direct Messaging

Our Care Team is always here for you: connect with them anytime through your TNC Health App. 


Membership Perks

Targeted Enjoy preferred pricing on offers from our health and wellness partners, including healthy eating options, fitness classes, and more. See perks.

" I have never regretted making this investment in my health and believe it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. "

Kelsey K.

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See if  The Nutrition Clinic Membership is for you.

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